Artist FAQs

 What happens to artwork after the exhibition is finished?

- Bump out as per usual. All unsold work will need to be taken by the artist, sold work is to be left at the gallery for pick up or delivery if organised prior.

Which artworks will be selected?

- Gaffa will upload the selected artwork online that best represents the artists work. Images of the artwork can be provided by the artists of taken by Gaffa during the exhibition.

How long will the artwork be online?

- Artwork will be listed for a period of up to 3 months.

What happens if I sell the artwork somewhere else while it’s on the Gaffa Gallery stockroom online?

- Artwork is not exclusive to Gaffa Gallery’s Stockroom, and therefore should the artwork be sold by other means, it must be reported back to Gaffa immediately to avoid duplicate sale of said work.


How long do artists have to confirm an order after it’s been purchased?

- Artists have 48 hours to respond to gallery correspondence and arrange to bring the artwork to Gaffa Gallery, for the client to collect from Gaffa Gallery or have a 3rd party to transport the artwork.

How do artists get paid for sold works?

- Gaffa will email a sales breakdown after the works have been sold, the artist will then need to issue and invoice for the total, minus the 25% gallery commission.


Can artists add more artworks if I sell something online?

- Yes, if one or more of the artworks are sold online, the artist can choose to submit more to be uploaded, however this does not extend the listing. Listings will be 3 months from the last day of exhibition.

Buyer FAQs

 How can I pay?

 - Payment via credit card, PayPal or EFT

 When will my purchase item be ready for collection?

 - We aim for artworks to be collected within 7 working days, but it could take between 2 to 4 weeks depending on circumstances after contact.

 Do you ship?

 - Best to have a chat with us! We encouraged pick ups directly from the gallery
- Shipping is available depending on the artwork or item