Random Bar
Anke Stäcker

Random Bar

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Random Bar, c-type print on Fuji Lustre paper, 42x59.40cm



"GROUNDED" - A group show by 9 photomedia artists from around Australia

February 18 - March 1, 2021


Once the Covid-19 Pandemic hit Australia photomedia artists couldn’t catch planes or jump in their cars, go wherever they chose to and shoot whatever they felt like shooting.

But there was an upside.

Suddenly… and quite unexpectedly… we all had a lot more free time. It was time artists could use to reflect… to decide what was essential in their work.

With a number of us, this led to the discovery that an image or two we had shot prior to 2020 marked out important territory we were keen to explore. For others, 2020 was a launching pad for fresh ideas.

It was this process of reflecting on our practices and discussing things together… live and via Zoom… in combination with what was possible (given the ever-changing travel and social restrictions) that gave rise to GROUNDED.

Lynn Smith/curator/13 January 2021.



Andrew Drabarek/Sydney

Sally McInerney/Sydney and Central WestNSW

Mike Reed/Melbourne

Justine Roche/Sydney

Shawn Sijnstra/Sydney

Lynn Smith/Illawarra, NSW

Anke Stacker/Sydney

Julie Williams/Central West NSW

Rebecca Wiltshire/Perth