My ‘Intent’ is to explore the nature and practice of Walking Art; to earn my boots as a Walking Artist. What is Walking Art? Is it the walks, the objects made for the gallery or a combination of the two? How long and far do I need to walk before I can describe myself as a Walking Artist? Do I walk alone or with companions? Where should I walk; the urban, suburban or regional areas?

The walking art of this exhibition is a selection of my explorations and responses to these questions.

I am intrigued by the artistic, sensory, speculative and critical potential the physical activity of walking brings to art. My walks are artistic and political acts that resist the speed, spectacle and consumption of contemporary society. I walk on roads, footpaths, and designated walking tracks. I walk as a form of transportation, pleasure and as an artist. Often these paths and intentions blur. The Walking Art of this exhibition includes my local, urban walks and longer, durational walks in suburban and regional areas.

I use a variety of media to create my Walking Art for exhibition purposes. Walking with Intent is a way of sharing the complex interactions of my pedestrian experiences with others and, perhaps, inspire them to walk.

I acknowledge and pay my respects to the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the lands on which I walk, on which I trespass.