Anthony Green

Exhibition dates: JUNE 24 - JULY 19

Artist Statement

These works are carved wood and some miscellaneous media, made between 2019 and 2021. All are life-size and decorated with oil based pigment.

Mask making is clearly an ancient art form found in pre-columbian and early history cultures. Having travelled in North Africa, Latin America and the Pacific, I have observed and been influenced by all these styles - and more.

Masks traditionally afford a person to become something other. They range from spiritual to playful. Most mask making cultures have established forms or totems. The masks conform to clear formal tropes.

Being white anglo-saxon and lacking such totems or dreaming, my masks need to come from other veins. While they quote and invert traditional themes, I have attempted to incorporate biographical and contemporary themes. They range in pertinence and playfulness. They are objects of maskness.

Artist Bio

Anthony Green is an established artist whose career has been mainly in photography and academia - and latterly in sculpture. His photography is in national collections.

Some years ago he was exposed to the curious medium of Mexican Fotoescultura. This is a devotional carved sculpture combining photographic portraits with carved three dimensional busts. The result is discombobulating. Fotoescultura sits in a liminal space between image and object. Following two substantial exhibitions of fotoescultura, the training wheels came off and he transitioned into the synthetic world of carved mask-making.

He currently lives and works in Killcare on the Central coast NSW.